Band biographies

"Gaza's first female oud player"

Reem Anbar - oud

Raised in Gaza, occupied Palestine, Reem rose to prominence as a young musician in the early 2000s, and was quickly heralded as the city's first female oud player. With an affinity for tarab - the ecstatic traditions of Arab regional music - and the Palestinian heritage of song, Reem absorbed the lessons of older generations of oud players and forged her own path as a self-taught player.

By the time she left Palestine in 2017, Reem was appearing regularly on Palestinian and Arabic TV, at concerts, and working as a music therapist and teacher in Gaza's refugee camps. She has since gone on to become an international performer, appearing regularly on stages at festivals, concert halls, universities and community events.

Reem performs with Gazelleband, as a solo artist and as a guest with other leading musicians.

"A revolution through music"

Dr Louis Brehony - buzuq, guitar

Following journeys through Britain's alternative, folk and jazz scenes, Louis has since dedicated his performance skills to the  buzuq, a long-necked string instrument prominent in countries surrounding Palestine. He is particularly influenced by Syrian players Muhammad Abdel Karim and Mohammed Osman, and by the experiences of over 20 years researching Palestinian music.

In 2023, Louis' first book was published on AUC Press. Palestinian Music in Exile: Voices of Resistance presents the social history of Palestinian displacement through musical stories, with launches taking place internationally. Louis also directed the award-winning film Kofia: A Revolution Through Music (2020), and is widely published as a writer on Palestine, culture and politics.